About Us

Based in south Sydney, Australia, Buckambool Model Trains is a home-based business that aims to provide DCC solutions for N scale locomotives of all kinds, Australian locomotives in particular, being the offical DCC installers for Gopher Models. We are also leading the way with specialist sound projects for Australian N scale.

Buckambool Model Trains began in 2017 to supply DCC installed Gopher Models N scale locomotives, and to provide customers with an option to upgrade their existing Gopher locos. This quickly grew into a N scale specific DCC installation and decoder retail business, with us becoming retailers for CT Elektronik decoders. With the release of the Gopher S, B, GM and 42 locos at the start of 2018 we sold many of these locos DCC fitted, and saw us exhibit at our first Melbourne show, Sandown. Early 2019 saw the release of our debut sound project, for the Gopher S, B, GM and 42 locomotives. This was officially released mid-2019 at the Caulfield exhibition in Melbourne. Late 2019 saw the launch of this website and our online shop where you can purchase decoders, DCC installation packages for locomotives, DCC fitted locomotives and accessories such as parts for keep alive setups.

2020 has seen us shift away from CT Elektronik for sound decoders, and move to Zimo, with a re-engineered sound project coming soon for the Gopher S, B, GM and 42.