CT Elektronik 76z1


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The CT Elektronik 76z1 is perfect for installation in N scale locomotives where space is at a premium, and where a square shaped decoder will suit. It can also be suitable for the range of Gopher Models 44, S, B, 42 & GM class of locomotives, although the 77z is preferred.

  • NRMA DCC data format with function mapping
  • 6.6×5.5×1.8mm
  • Driving voltage: 8-18V
  • Motor max continuous current: 0.8A
  • Motor peak current (3 sec): 1.2A
  • Functions max total current: 0.2A
  • Max total motor + function output: 0.8A
  • 4 amplified function outputs
  • Addresses 1-10240
  • Lighting effects: flashing, dimming, soft start, American lighting effects, etc.
  • Keep alive capacitor connection pads
  • Shunting mode
  • Programmable to two complete sets of CV’s
  • Operable on DC

View on the CT Elektronik website: http://tran.at/Produkte/DCX76z.shtml (note the CT site is still showing the older version of this decoder)


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