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Gopher Models N Scale 3803 steam locomotive with factory fitted DCC sound, exclusive to Buckambool Model Trains. The first ever ready-to-run Australian N Scale steam locomotive!

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This Gopher Model Represents 3803 in General Service Black in N Scale.

The 38s were maids of all work, comfortable on both freight and passenger. This C38, representing streamliner 3803 in c1950s black is no exception. With a superb sound system generating some of the best sound in N Scale around, this eye catching model is going to be a sure hit on your layout.

Factory installed electronics:

  • Installed with Zimo MS590N18 DCC sound decoder from factory
  • Stay alive fitted as standard to all models
  • 15 x 11mm sugar cube speaker with large enclosure
  • Authentic 38 class sound project featuring the iconic air-actuated whistle and galloping chuff at high speeds

Model features:

  • Die-cast metal chassis, body, driving wheels and tender chassis
  • Coreless motor for silky smooth operation with very minimal noise
  • No traction tires
  • Electrical pickup on all driving wheels and tender wheels
  • Operating headlight and white/red rear marker lights*
  • Fitted with Micro-Trains couplers front and back

*Red marker lights operable on DCC only

Sound functions:

  • F0 – Headlight (forwards dir.), rear white markers (reverse dir.)
  • F1 – Guards whistle
  • F2 – Locomotive whistle (playable)
  • F3 – Three short whistles
  • F4 – Cylinder cocks open
  • F5 – Coupler
  • F6 – Heavy chuff
  • F7 – Headlight high beam on/off
  • F8 – Sound off (sound is on by default)
  • F9 – Rear red marker lights (forwards dir. only)
  • F10 – Wheel slip (sound only)
  • F11 – Open/close tender hatch
  • F12 – Shovelling coal
  • F13 – Safety valve blowing off
  • F14 – Compressor
  • F15 – Master volume –
  • F16 – Master volume +
  • F17 – Injector

Compressor, injector, coal shovelling and safety valve sounds all play at specific intervals based on driving conditions and whether the locomotive is stationary or in motion.


The C38 Class 4-6-2 Pacifics, first ordered by the New South Wales Government Railways in 1939 is the epitome of express passenger steam locomotives in New South Wales. Developed to replace and supplement the C36 Class 4-6-0s, the C38s were from day one, one of the most succesful classes of steam locomotives to grace the States’ rails. Sporting rather diminutive 5’9″ drivers and a huge high pressure boiler, these 76’5″ long racehorses graced the rails of the state for nearly 38 years, running express passenger named trains such as the Melbourne Limited, the Central West Express and most iconic of them all, the legendary Newcastle Flyer. The C38s can be broken into 2 effective groups, the first being 3801 – 3805, with a Streamlined Appearance,  and the second being 3806 – 3830, sporting a semi-streamlined appearance. Of this second group, the even numbers were built by Eveliegh Works, at Redfern and the odd numbers were built by Cardiff Works, just south of Newcastle.

This marvel of steam, although retired due to the success of the diesel locomotive, can be still seen running today, with 3801 preserved and running on the mainline today. Also preserved are sisters 3813, 3820 and 3830. 3801, 3820 and 3830 are all at Thirlmere today, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, while 3813 resides in pieces at Dorrigo, in the states’ north, away from the public eye.

Curious to learn more about the 38 class fleet and their history? Wikipedia is a great place to start:

You may also like to visit the ARHS to obtain a copy of either of the two Train Hobby Publications 38 Class Locomotive Profile books

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