Buckambool Model Trains specialise in DCC solutions for N scale locomotives of all kinds, Australian locomotives in particular, being the official DCC installer for Gopher Models. We are the exclusive Australian dealer for ZIMO, retailing both their N & HO sound and non-sound decoders, speakers and other accessories. In addition to this, we are leading the way with specialist sound projects for Australian N scale.

Access our online store, browse through videos of various locomotives fitted with DCC and sound, and explore the latest ideas in miniaturisation of DCC products!

Featured Products

2 pin micro connector
The 2 pin micro connector is ideal for hardwire decoder installations where parts View product.
The LaisDcc Stay Alive Lite 2 offers a large amount stay alive ability View product.
The Knowles 15x11x4mm Sugar Cube speaker, the best model railway small cube speaker View product.
0.6mm Heatshrink
0.6mm heatshrink tubing is perfect for electrically insulating exposed or joined wires inside View product.
MS450 3
The Zimo MS450 is perfect for sound installations in all varieties of HO View product.
kapton tape 5mm
Kapton tape is a heat resistant electrical insulating tape that is very handy View product.
The Zimo Micro Speaker 12x8x8mm produces high quality sound with good bass response View product.
Track Voltage Tester
The track voltage tester is a handy little tool perfect for fault-finding or View product.
Includes: SPROG IIv4 DCC Decoder Programmer USB A to USB B cable The View product.
The Zimo MX615 is perfect for installation in N and Z scale locomotives View product.
The Zimo MS500 is perfect for sound installations in N scale locomotives where View product.
A must have for all N scale modellers! Suitable for replacing flathead screws View product.
The LokSound 5 Micro DCC Direct Kato USA is the latest N scale View product.
MS490 Hardwire 1
The Zimo MS490 is perfect for sound installations in N scale locomotives where View product.
The Zimo MX616 is perfect for installation in N scale locomotives where space View product.
Want to make sure your DCC locomotives run without stalling at low speeds? View product.

Latest News

  • December 2021 Update

    2021 has been both very quiet but also incredibly busy! Unfortunately I was once again unable to exhibit at any shows due to COVID-19, however with the amount of time we spent in lockdown the demand for decoders and electronic accessories has been very strong! With supply shortages stretching back into 2020 I was fortunate to receive some large shipments in early 2021 that kept me going through the dry patches!

    With some extra time on my hands I was able to add quite a number of products to my website, with the total number of products well over 100!! I am now stocking a range of ESU sound decoders, and have significantly expanded my offerings of stay alive devices, speakers and my Zimo product range, including their new MS sound decoders.

    2021 also saw the long awaited completion of the sound project for the Gopher Models N scale ready to run 42, S, B & GM locomotives, a demonstration video of this will be attached below. I have now fitted this project to what must be close to 50 locomotives, fortunately it has proven quite popular! I have also published a number of other Australian diesel sound projects to my website, which are available for loading to any Zimo sound decoder of choice.

  • July 2020 Update

    This year has been very quiet with no shows to exhibit at due to COVID-19. Plenty of work has been happening in the background though! I have recently become Australia’s first dealer of Zimo, and have some exciting news coming soon regarding sound projects to be launched on Zimo’s new platform of MS sound decoders.

    I have added many new videos of installs I have done recently, have a look in the ‘Installations‘ tab. I have also added my popular keep alive capacitor products in the ‘Accessories’ section of my shop, go check it out!

    A Victorian F Class (GraFar 08) that I fitted with keep alive at the beginning of this year managed to sneak out to the Sandown exhibition in March, check out the video below of it being put through its paces on my display layout!

  • September 2019 Update

    We have recently returned from the 2019 Caulfield Model Railway Exhibition, where we formally released our sound project for the Victorian S and B, NSW 42 and CR GM locomotives. The project uses a CT Elektronik SL76 sound decoder, sugar cube speaker with custom enclosure and a 660uF keep alive capacitor setup.

    2 S & 2 B Class Victorian Railways locomotives shunting idling around the display layout

About Us

G’day and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Jarryd Langford and I love modelling the steam/diesel transition era of the New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR), and am dabbling a little in modelling some of the modern day operations of Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR) here in NSW! All in N scale of course! I am an active member of the Sydney N Scale Model Railway Club and also support the New South Wales N Scale Collective and Victorian N Scale Collective in membership. I have a passion for providing DCC and/or sound for N scale locomotives, and love to push the boundaries using new DCC technology! This passion has now grown into a fully fledged business!

Buckambool Model Trains is my home-based business located in south Sydney, Australia, that aims to provide DCC solutions for N scale locomotives of all kinds, Australian locomotives in particular. To provide this I am partnered with Gopher Models to provide DCC and sound where possible for their ready to run models, as well as their kits released under the arm of BadgerBits. I also offer a custom DCC installation service for all other kinds of N scale locomotives, where I am frequently tasked with highly complicated jobs, I quite enjoy the challenge! Alongside this I sell an ever-growing range of decoders, speakers, stay alives and other accessories to cater for (hopefully!) all your DCC N scale needs! My other passion is to exhibit my trade stand at local and interstate model railway exhibitions, where I have met many of my customers, and have been able to introduce many others to some of the more innovative and latest DCC products!

A short history of Buckambool Model Trains…

Buckambool Model Trains began in 2017 to supply Gopher Models N scale locomotives pre-installed with DCC, and to provide customers with an option to upgrade their existing Gopher locos to DCC. This quickly grew into an N scale specific DCC installation and decoder retail business, which saw us beginning to retail CT Elektronik decoders. With the release of the Gopher S, B, GM and 42 locos at the start of 2018, we began to supply a large number of these locomotives DCC pre-installed, and saw us exhibit at our first exhibition in Melbourne, the Sandown Train & Hobby Show. Early 2019 saw the release of our debut sound project, designed for the Gopher Models S, B, GM and 42 class locomotives. This was released mid-2019 at the Caulfield exhibition in Melbourne. Late 2019 saw the launch of this website and our online shop where customers can purchase decoders, DCC installation packages for locomotives, DCC fitted locomotives and accessories such as stay alive components. 2020 saw us shift away from CT Elektronik due to supply issues, moving instead to Zimo, allowing a re-engineered sound project for the Gopher Models S, B, GM and 42 class locomotives, and consistent supply of N scale appropriate decoders and sound decoders. Late 2020 saw us commence stocking our budget range of decoders, a popular option for not only N scale modellers but HO also. This gave way to vastly expanding our product range of Zimo decoders, speakers, stay alive and accessories into 2021, as well as stocking a range of ESU sound decoders. In late 2021 just over 100 products were available to purchase from the online shop, and a range of Australian sound projects developed by us were made available to view.