Australian Diesel Sound Projects

Australian diesel sound projects created by Buckambool Model Trains for various Australian N Scale locomotives, including information you can download for each. These projects may also be used for locomotives of other scales where a ZIMO sound decoder will suit. These projects are only available for ZIMO sound decoders, e.g. can’t be loaded to ESU sound decoders.

To purchase one of these sound files, please follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the shop page to select an appropriate ZIMO sound decoder for your locomotive
2. Select ‘BMT file’ in the Sound Choice dropdown menu, on the sound decoder product page
3. Add the decoder to your cart
4. When checking out add an order note specifying the specific locomotive sound file you would like
5. You’re ready to go!

Gopher Models 42, S, B, GM, B61 + 421 Class

81 Class

C Class

NSW 422 Class

DL Class

DSB Class MZ

L Class

Gopher Models SSR 4483

Gopher Models 44 Class/930 Class – Coming Soon (ETA Q3 2021)

Aust-N-Rail G Class

82 Class

Powerline X Class

Aust-N-Rail BL Class


Diesel Multiple Units


900 Class Railmotor

620/720 Railmotor

1100 Class Railmotor