I have completed installations in a range of various Australian, American, British, Japanese and European N scale steam, diesel and electric locomotives. I have also completed a limited number of installations in Z, HO & O scale locomotives. Installations are typically completed using a Zimo or ESU decoder unless otherwise requested. Non-sound installations range from $90 to $140 and sound installations range from $220 to $300, depending on difficulty.

Click on the links below for pages dedicated to Australian and various worldwide installations I have completed.

BadgerBits kit-built NSWGR 3813 Steam Locomotive, fitted with CT Elektronik 77z decoder and 660uF keep alive capacitor setup
Z Scale DCC Märklin Class 03.10 Express fitted with Zimo MX616
World Kogei Brass C59127 4-6-2 JNR Steam Locomotive, fitted with CT Elektronik 76z decoder