Australian Steam Sound Projects

Australian steam locomotive sound projects available for all types of ZIMO sound decoders, including information you can download for each. These projects are only available for ZIMO sound decoders, e.g. can’t be loaded to ESU sound decoders.

To purchase one of these sound files, please follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the shop page to select an appropriate ZIMO sound decoder for your locomotive
2. Select ‘NSW steam file’ in the Sound Choice dropdown menu, on the sound decoder product page
3. Add the decoder to your cart
4. When checking out add an order note specifying the specific locomotive sound file you would like
5. You’re ready to go!

Alternatively, if you already own a ZIMO sound decoder that you would like loaded with a NSW steam sound file, please send me a message via the ‘Contact Us’ link above in the menu bar.

Examples of the NSW 50, 57, 32, 36 and 38 class sound files can be seen below in the following videos:

For more info about what sound features you can expect, how function outputs are mapped, and how to begin customising your chosen sound project, click the button below to download the ‘Instructions for Australian Steam Sound Projects’ PDF.

NSWGR steam locomotives

12 Class

13 Class

17 Class

18 Class

20 Class

30 Tank

30T Class

32 Class

34 Class

35 Class

36 Class

38 Class

19 Class

24 Class

25 Class

26 Class

27 Class

50 Class

53 Class

55 Class

57 Class

58 Class

59 Class

60 Class

Victorian Railways steam locomotives

R Class

N Class

A2 Class

J Class

K Class

D3 Class

X Class

South Australian Railways steam locomotives

750 Class


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