SPROG IIv4 DCC Decoder Programmer


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  • SPROG IIv4 DCC Decoder Programmer
  • USB A to USB B cable

The SPROG IIv4 DCC Decoder Programmer is the perfect tool for programming and testing DCC locomotives! The SPROG IIv4 is able to run a small sized layout, perfect for those who may want to have a small test layout at home or in the office. Simply connect the SPROG IIv4 to a 12-15V DC power supply capable of supplying at least 1A (1.25A recommended) and connect the supplied USB cable to your computer running JMRI Decoder Pro (free download).

The SPROG IIv4 is the latest version of the original SPROG design, and is compatible with all major brands of decoder, including sound decoders. Note if you would like to program larger scale decoders, or decoders that require more than 15V for successful programming, consider purchasing the more powerful SPROG III. If you would also like to operate more than approx. 4 locomotives at a time on a small to medium sized layout, consider the SPROG III instead.

To download the JMRI suite including Decoder Pro please visit the JMRI releases webpage and download the latest production release: https://www.jmri.org/download/index.shtml 

For more information on connecting your SPROG III to your computer and JMRI Decoder Pro, please visit the JMRI SPROG hardware support webpage: https://www.jmri.org/help/en/html/hardware/sprog/SPROG.shtml

Head to the manual downloads section on my website to download a SPROG instruction manual. For specific Windows 7, 8 and 10 driver instructions see the links below.

Windows 10 Driver Instructions: https://www.sprog-dcc.co.uk/downloads/Win-10-iiv3-iiv4-3-Installation-2021-05-30.pdf

Windows 8/8.1 Driver Instructions: https://www.sprog-dcc.co.uk/downloads/Win-8-iiv3-iiv4-3-installation-2022-09-26.pdf

Windows 7 Driver Instructions: https://www.sprog-dcc.co.uk/downloads/Win-7-iiv3-iiv4-3-installation-2021-05-30.pdf

If running MacOS or Linux no drivers are required.

Electrical Specifications:

Booster Output Current: 1 Amp
Recommended Input Voltage: 12 – 15V DC Regulated
Output Track Voltage: Determined by power supply

Functionality Specifications:

Separate Programming Track Output: No
Service Mode (Programming Track) Programming: Yes – in programmer mode
Ops Mode (On the Main) Programming: Yes – in command station mode
Recommended Use: Everyday programming, small layout control

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