Zimo Micro Speaker 12 x 8 x 8mm


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The Zimo Micro Speaker 12x8x8mm produces high quality sound with good bass response within a tiny package. Unlike other micro cube type speakers available on the market today, this speaker uses the now out of production Knowles PETRA 12x8mm driver, which produces bass frequencies to a greater extent than any other commercially available micro cube style speakers.

Zimo Micro speakers are suitable particularly for most smaller N scale locomotives and (if you’re brave!) some Z scale locomotives, as well as a large number of sound decoders. Paired with the pre-attached 5mm high enclosure* this speaker produces sound with excellent volume and clarity.

0.5W – 8 Ohm output

Dimensions: 12x8x8mm

*Please note that colour and appearance of the pre-attached enclosures may vary ever so slightly as they are 3D printed.


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