Tantalum 220uF Capacitors



Want to make sure your DCC locomotives run without stalling at low speeds? Do you wish that your locomotives could run through points and small dead patches as if it never happened? Look no further than fitting your locomotive with a stay alive capacitor setup.

Available loose as individual capacitors (220uF), or joined in lots of 2 (440uF), 3 (660uF) or 4 (880uF), please refer to images above. Supplied with a 16V zener diode to prevent over-voltage current. Please note I recommend insulating these capacitors with kapton tape, and I do not recommend using these capacitors on a layout operating above 15V.*

  • 220uF 16V capacitor
  • 7.3×4.3×2.8mm
  • ±10% of 220uF capacitance manufacturing tolerance
  • ~0.5 grams
  • -55/+125C operating temperature

Simply connect the common positive + side to the blue wire of your decoder, and the ground to the ground connection pad on your decoder. Feel free to get in contact if you require wiring or installation assistance. On request I can supply 2 additional small components to slow down the recharge time of the capacitor, particularly useful for building higher uF setups.

Tantalum capacitors offer the advantage of higher performance as compared to the popular and smaller ceramic capacitors available on the market. Tantalum capacitors will always perform to ±10% of their capacitance at whatever voltage they operate at. Ceramic capacitors start to loose their overall capacitance as they operate close to their top voltage (typically 16V).


*Use at your own risk on layouts operating above 15V, if supplied with current over 16V or if they make contact any with a locomotive mechanism or other power sources these capacitors will overheat rapidly and destroy themselves melting any surrounding plastic or similar parts.

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220uF (individual loose), 440uF (2), 660uF (3), 880uF (4)


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