LaisDcc Stay Alive Pro 1


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The LaisDcc Stay Alive Pro 1 offers the ultimate in stay alive, pushing the boundaries of standard electrolytic capacitors and super capacitors. This stay alive pack has the capability once fully charged to power an HO Scale locomotive for approximately 6 to 20 seconds (depending on the locomotive and the efficiency of the motor).

Suitable for LaisDcc Stay Alive decoders as well as other brands of decoders such as ESU, Zimo etc.

To achieve maximum capacitance, the stay alive pack runs at a lower voltage (approx ~10V), meaning that your locomotive may slow down a little when power is lost intermittently at higher speeds. However at higher speeds, the need for keep alive is much less… Due to it’s high capacitance, the stay alive pack will take approx. 10-15s to fully charge.

Connect the blue wire to the common positive + (blue), and the black wire to the ground of your decoder of choice. For ESU decoders, the common positive is labelled as U+. There is no need for any charging circuits or resistors/diodes as this is contained in the stay alive package.

  • 26 x 11.4 x 8.8mm
  • Supplied by LaisDcc in Hong Kong

*Please note I have not tested this product running above 18V, use at your own risk above this voltage*


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