Gopher Models 42, S, B, GM, B61 + 421 v2.0

Sound installation for an N Scale Gopher Models 42, S, B, GM, or B61 diesel locomotive. Also suitable for various makes of 421 Class locomotives.
Available as an installation package into the locomotive/s that you own, or pre-installed in a brand new locomotive.

  • Installed with Zimo MS490 sound decoder
    • 128Mbit sound storage, 16 bit sound playback, 1W amplifier
  • Custom 660uF keep alive capacitor
  • 15 x 11mm sugar cube speaker with custom enclosure
  • EMD-567C prime mover sounds with either Nathan P5, Leslie 3 Chime, Leslie 5 Chime, RVB 3 Chime or Westinghouse A B horn
    • Simply change one CV value to switch between any of the above horn profiles
  • Directional headlights with soft start (F0)
  • Dim headlights (F1)
  • Shunting mode – momentum heavily reduced (F19)
  • Sound features via function buttons:
    • Coast on demand and automatically (F5)
    • Light/heavy load – prime mover notches up slow/fast dependent on speed (F6)
    • Drive lock (F9)
    • Notch 8 (F12)
    • Manual Notching (F16 – on/off, F17 – notch down, F18 – notch up)
    • Mute (F20)
    • Volume increase/decrease (F22/21)
  • Cue-able sounds:
    • Long, short & alternate horn (F2, 3, 10)
    • Dynamic brakes – when activated prime mover automatically drops to idle (F4)
    • Brake squeal (F7)
    • Coupler (F11)
    • Air compressor – loops until switched off (F13)
    • Air release (F14)
    • Spitters (F15)
  • Automatic sounds:
    • Air compressor – randomly plays when locomotive is at rest
    • Air release – randomly plays when locomotive is at rest

RTR versions of each loco are available here: DCC Sound Locomotives
Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any further questions.

A full demonstration showing all features of the sound project

Victorian Railways B74 in Teacup livery demonstrating the sound project

First look at the new Zimo Sound project, close to completion

The following videos below feature v1.0 of the sound project using the CT Electronic SL76 sound decoder.

Gopher Models B61 demonstrating the various sound features of the project

Various Gopher Models S & B class locomotives shunting around my display layout, demonstrating the various sound features