ABC DCC Brake (Asymmetric DCC Generator) board


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The ABC DCC brake board will generate an asymmetric DCC signal to activate a braking feature on suitably equipped DCC decoders, such as those produced by ZIMOESU and Lenz, amongst others. Please note LaisDcc decoders available in the budget decoder range do not support ABC braking.

The DCC waveform is slightly modified by reducing the voltage on one side of the track by around 1.6 Volts. This activates the ABC feature on the DCC decoder (if present) and causes the locomotive to gently stop. When the circuit is deactivated the locomotive will gently accelerate.

In its most simple form an ON/OFF switch is connected across the SWITCH terminals to activate the circuit. When the switch is on, this will bypass the brake generator, when off, the generator is active and trains will brake in the defined section.

Please refer to the diagram below to make all relevant connections. The switch wires can be inserted in any order, in the left and right screw terminals, the track wires should be inserted with left/right rail DCC bus into the left terminal, and isolated track block on the right terminal.

Dimensions: 42 x 26 x 14mm (LxWxH)


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