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DCC installed Gopher Models Victorian Railways S Class locomotive.

Please note that the model shown above has been decalled and slightly weathered, all models are supplied un-numbered, without decals applied, and without weathering, decals are supplied for you to choose your own number, and you may choose to leave your model in pristine condition, or weather according to your preferences!

  • Installed with Zimo MX616 decoder
  • Features:
    • Directional headlights with soft start
    • Advanced motor control, PWM, P & I controller custom programmed for these locos
    • Programmed to DCC address #3 unless otherwise requested
    • Operable on DC
  • The decoder also features the following customisable options:
    • Support for keep alive capacitors
    • Lighting effects: flashing, dimming, soft start, American lighting effects, etc.
    • Shunting mode
    • Programmable to two complete sets of CV’s
    • Automatic uncoupling
    • Operable brake via function key
    • Railcom
    • Support for automatic braking, Lenz ABC, Märklin & Zimo HLU
    • Swiss Mapping

Victorian Railways S class built by Clyde Engineering.

  • First order EMD A7, second order EMD A16C
  • Power unit EMD16-567C, V16
  • Generator EMD D12/D22
  • Traction motors 6 x EMD D27/D37/D47
  • Power output for traction 1810hp
  • Tractive effort (continuous) 61,250lb
  • Max speed 83mph (133kph)
  • Weight 114t

There were 18 in the class S300-S317 and they were delivered between 1957 and 1961.

Each locomotive in the class was named.

View on the Gopher Models website: VR S

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