Commonwealth Railways GM12


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DCC installed Gopher Models Commonwealth Railways GM locomotive.

  • Installed with Zimo MX616 decoder
  • Features:
    • Directional headlights with soft start
    • Advanced motor control, PWM, P & I controller custom programmed for these locos
    • Programmed to DCC address #3 unless otherwise requested
    • Operable on DC
  • The decoder also features the following customisable options:
    • Support for keep alive capacitors
    • Lighting effects: flashing, dimming, soft start, American lighting effects, etc.
    • Shunting mode
    • Programmable to two complete sets of CV’s
    • Automatic uncoupling
    • Operable brake via function key
    • Railcom
    • Support for automatic braking, Lenz ABC, Märklin & Zimo HLU
    • Swiss Mapping

Commonwealth Railways GM12 class locomotive, built by Clyde Engineering, Granville.

  • Power unit EMD16-567C, V16
  • Generator EMD D12
  • Power output 1800hp
  • Tractive effort (continuous) 57,300lb
  • Max speed 89mph (143kph)
  • Weight 116t

There were 36 in the class, of which this model represents GM12-GM36. 

Modifications were made to the roof on GM37-GM47 and these will be available as extras.

Traction motors varied across the models with:

  • D37 used for GM12-GM21
  • D47 used for GM22-GM26
  • D57 used for GM27-GM29
  • D67 used for GM30-GM39
  • D77 used for GM40-GM47

GM17-GM21 had a window added to the right hand side read, the same as the NSWGR 42 class, but without a side window.

View on the Gopher Models website: GM

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