8 Pin Standard Decoder – 16x16x3mm


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The LaisDcc Standard 4 function 8 pin decoder is perfect for installation in HO scale locomotives where space is at a premium. The 8 pin interface on this decoder is mounted directly on the underside of the decoder, approximately in the middle. Fit this 8 pin version to locomotives featuring a 8 pin plug.

  • Interface: NEM652 8 Pin, function output 3 is on the pin typically not used (Pin 3), output 4 on separate wire
  • Scale: N/HO Scale
  • Size: 16mm x 16mm x 3mm (height is of decoder PCB only, doesn’t include height of pins mounted to PCB of decoder)
  • Current Rating: 2 Amp peak power, 1A continuous for motor + lights
  • Function output ratings: 100mA each (4 function outputs)
  • Compliant with NMRA DCC standards (will work on all common DCC systems

Please note that LaisDcc does not supply any packaging or paperwork with each decoder, the manual for these decoders can be accessed at: https://laisdcc.com/LaisDcc_Decoders_Manual_V2.pdf


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