Zimo Twin Dumbo Speaker 55 x 22 x 9mm


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The Twin Dumbo speaker from Zimo offers high quality and deep resonant sound with a relatively small footprint, particularly in height. The speaker drivers themselves measure 13x18mm, similar in style to the classic sugar cube speaker.

This speaker is suitable for larger HO scale locomotives, and could see use in other scales such as O scale due to it’s large size. It is suitable for a large range of sound decoders that can handle speakers of at least 2W and 4Ohm impedance. Paired with the attached enclosure this twin speaker setup produces sound with excellent volume, clarity and bass tone. If less length and width is available the taller Zimo Twin Dumbo Speaker 50 x 15 x 14 will perform just as well.

2W – 4 Ohm output

This speaker will suit sound decoders from ESU, ZIMO, Digitrax, NCE, Soundtraxx etc. Please ensure the sound decoder can support speakers of at least 2W and will be compatible with 4 Ohm impedance speakers.


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