DCC LED Resistor Board


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The DCC LED resistor board is designed to save time, space and helps maintain a tidier installation of LED lights powered by a DCC decoder. The board features a soldering pad for the blue (+) common wire from the decoder, and 8 soldering pads for connection to the anode  of each LED, which is protected by eight 1K Ohm 1/8W SMD resistors. The 8 solder pads for lighting connections are labelled and include front light, rear light and functions 1-6.

Simply solder the blue wire from the decoder to the blue wire (+) pad on the board, solder a wire to the anode of each LED from the solder pads marked for each function (FL/RL/1/2/3/4/5/6) and then solder the appropriate function output wire from the decoder to the negative lead of the LED.

It is recommended to test your LED’s with a 12V power supply and 1K ohm 1/8W resistor prior to connecting them to the board to avoid damage.

Overall size: 17 x 8 x 1.5mm



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