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Decoder testers allow for quick and simple testing of all kinds of decoders prior to installing in a locomotive, or for troubleshooting and testing decoders that have been removed from a locomotive. It is also very useful for loading to a decoder a large number of CV’s from a template, or a sound project from a sound loading device such as the Zimo MXULFA or ESU LokProgrammer.

Simply connect your DCC programming track to the two pads with alligator clips, or use the screw terminals to connect two wires. A LED below ‘Track In’ will light when DCC power is connected and on. A handy DCC power on/off push button is provided between the two power connection options. Note, if you do not have a programming track that allows the decoder to be driven (to test the motor outputs and light outputs), you may instead connect the tester to the main track output however is most convenient.

The tester includes a motor, 8Ohm 0.5W speaker and 8 LED’s to test 8 function outputs of the decoder.

Please note that a hardcopy manual will not be supplied with this tester, a digital copy is available on the manual downloads page:

Decoder interfaces include:

  • Hardwire
  • 21MTC
  • NEM652 (8 pin)
  • NEM651 (6 pin)
  • NEXT18

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