Logic Level Function Amplifier Board


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The logic level function amplifier board offers an easy and tidy way to use logic level function outputs provided on DCC decoders.

Typically function outputs such as Aux 3/4 or Aux 5/6 are provided as logic level or un-amplified outputs on decoders, such as those made by Zimo and ESU.

Simply connect 1 or 2 logic level outputs from the decoder to the F3L and F4L pads, the blue wire to the single ‘DC’ pad, the track left (black wire) to the ‘GND’ pad, and you are now able to use the 4 pads on the other side to power up to 2 function outputs. The two outputs are to be wired up using appropriate OUT3 or OUT4 and one of the ‘DC’ as the blue common + wire pads on the same side of the board.

Overall dimensions: 9 x 5.5 x 2.25mm


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