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Decoder testers allow for quick and simple testing of all kinds of decoders prior to installing in a locomotive, or for troubleshooting and testing decoders that have been removed from a locomotive. It is also very useful for loading to a decoder a large number of CV’s from a template, or a sound project from a sound loading device such as the Zimo MXULFA or ESU LokProgrammer.

Includes 1x Zimo MSTAPK decoder tester, 1x 2 pin plug for connecting a programming track and 1x SUSI cable.

  • Connect your DCC programming track or sound loading device to the tester using the screw terminals on the 2 pin plug
  • Two LED’s labelled ‘L’ and ‘R’ will light when DCC power is connected and turned on
  • A handy DCC power on/off push button is provided next to the 2 pin plug
  • Handy push-down ‘screw’ terminals for hardwire decoders – push down to secure each wire instead of excess use of a screwdriver!

The tester includes:

  • A motor
  • 8Ohm 1W Zimo 18x13x13mm cube speaker, an excellent sounding speaker
  • 9 LED’s to test 9 function outputs of the decoder
  • Connection points for an additional external motor and speaker
  • SUSI connection, useful for super fast Zimo sound loading

Decoder interfaces include:

  • Hardwire (15 ‘screw’ terminals)
    • 2x LS = Speaker connections (not polarity sensitive)
    • SL = Track Left (schiene left)
    • SR = Track Right (schiene right)
    • M – = Motor negative
    • M + = Motor positive
    • LV = Front light
    • LR = Rear light
    • F1-F7 = Function outputs 1 – 7
  • 21MTC – (compatible now with new 21MTC MS440C & -D sound decoders)
  • NEM652 (8 pin)
  • NEM651 (6 pin)
  • NEXT18

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