ESU Sugar Cube Speaker Kit


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The ESU sugar cube speaker kit  is suitable for numerous N & HO scale locomotives, and a large number of sound decoders. This particular sugar cube driver is extremely similar to the Soberton 15x11mm speaker driver. This speaker produces high quality sound with good bass response within a very small package (higher quality sugar cubes produce a greater bass response, such as the Zimo sugar cube). This speaker is perfect for use in steam locomotives, EMD diesel locomotives and others where bass frequencies are not as critical.

The kit contains one 15x11mm speaker driver and four injection moulded baffle pieces, which when glued together allow the speaker to be either 6, 8, 10 or 12mm high.

Please note that this kit will not be delivered in ESU packaging, as these were supplied with ESU LokSound decoders and were surplus.

1W – 8 Ohm output

This speaker will suit sound decoders from ESU, ZIMO, Digitrax, NCE, Soundtraxx, Doehler & Haass, CT Elektronik etc.


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