Zimo MN180N18 – Next18 13.3×9.5×2.6mm


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The Zimo MN180N18 Next18 decoder is perfect for installation in N & HO scale locomotives where space is at a premium, and where a decoder with a Next 18 plug is required.

Replacement for ZIMO MX618N18

The new ZIMO MN non-sound decoders are designed to go hand in hand with MS sound decoders. They share identical microcontrollers and largely the same components for the power electronics (motor output stages, etc.), and the same firmware. These similarities result in exactly the same driving behaviour, the same mapping,  and the ability to load projects, similar to sound projects, but without sound. This allows many more possibilities that future proof this new line of decoders.

  • NRMA DCC data format with function mapping + Swiss mapping
    • AC, DC, DCC, MM, NOT mfx capable
  • 13.3×9.5×2.6mm
  • Track voltage: 10-24V
  • Motor max continuous current: 0.7A
  • Motor peak current (~20 sec): 1.5A
  • Functions max total current: 0.5A
  • Max total motor + function output: 0.7A
  • 4 amplified function outputs, 2 logic level outputs
  • Addresses 1-10239
  • Lighting effects: flashing, dimming, soft start, American lighting effects, etc.
  • Stay alive capacitor connection pads, allow up to 15,000uF 15V capacitor to be connected directly to the decoder without any protection, charging circuits etc.
  • Shunting mode
  • Support for automatic uncoupling
  • Advanced momentum features
  • Operable brake via function key
  • Programmable to two complete sets of CV’s
  • Traditional speaker outputs on Next18 sockets feature connection option for FO5 + FO6
  • FO3 + FO4 can function as 2 servo outputs or SUSI clock and data connection
  • Railcom
  • Support for automatic braking, Lenz ABC, Märklin & Zimo HLU
  • Swiss Mapping
  • Operable on DC


View on the Zimo website: http://www.zimo.at/web2010/products/mn-nicht-sound-decoder_EN.htm


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