Zimo STACO1 100,000uF Stay Alive Kit


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The STACO1 is the latest innovation in keep alive from Zimo, providing 100,000uF of keep alive for your locomotive in a very small package. The STACO1 consists of a charging controller board (10×7.3x2mm) and 3 2.7V 300,000uF capacitors (4x12mm each). With the capacitors connected in series, they provide 100,000uF at 8V, which the board boosts to 10V for connection to the decoder. Where space is restrictive, you can connect only two of the capacitors , and the board will also amplify this to 10V, provided a join is made between the two solder pads for the decoder ground connection (see diagram below).

It is recommended to supply the STACO1 with a maximum of 18V, ensure your track voltage is no higher than this. I also recommend insulating all parts of this capacitor setup with kapton tape. Failure to do so may result in the capacitors overheating dangerously, failure of the connected decoder and/or damage to the locomotive body or mechanism.

The components of the STACO1 can be distributed inside your locomotive as desired, making this capacitor setup ideal for very tight installations, particularly N scale.

  • 100,000uF 10V capacitor
  • 10×7.3x2mm – board, 4x12mm – capacitors (each, diameter x height)
  • ~2s supply time for a sound equipped N scale locomotive driving with sound and lights on, up to ~3s still turning wheels with sound interruption
  • Recommended for DCC track voltages between 12.5V – 18V

Using the supplied diagrams included in the box, simply connect the common positive + wire (blue) and ground wire (grey) from your decoder to the STACO1 board, and the pre-soldered blue and grey wires from the STACO1 board to the capacitors, noting the polarity as described in the diagram. Note, you may have to solder your own ground wire onto your decoder of choice. Feel free to get in contact if you require wiring or installation assistance.




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