ESU LokSound 5 DCC 21 Pin



The ESU LokSound 5 DCC 21 pin is the most important and advanced member of the LokSound family, boasting a huge 128Mbit of sound memory, with a class D audio amplifier outputting 3W, 16 Bit, 31.25kHz Hi-Fi quality sound. Speakers with an impedance between 4-32 Ohms may be used, or simply use the supplied standard 11 x 15mm sugar cube speaker and customisable enclosure. With an overall size of 30 x 15.5 x 5.5mm the LokSound 5 will fit into almost any H0 or 0 scale locomotive.

Available in 21 pin and 8 pin configurations. Simply cut of the 8 pin plug for hardwire applications.

This decoder can be loaded with any ESU sound project of your choosing for a small extra cost, select the appropriate drop down menu option for this option. Click this link to access the ESU sound file database. A wide range of sound files from North America/Australia and Europe are available.

Alternatively you can purchase an ESU LokProgrammer to load your own sound files and make adjustments to your decoder, however please note that CV changes can still be done with all good DCC systems. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a LokProgrammer.

58429 – ESU LokSound 5 DCC 21 pin

Note these LokSound decoders are the LokSound DCC only (ESU LCC) versions imported from the US.

  • NRMA DCC data format with function mapping
  • 30.5×15.5×5.5mm
  • Up to 16 bit audio at 31.25kHz
  • 128Mbit of sound memory
  • 3W 4-32Ohm speaker output – (e.g. at least 2 standard sugar cubes)
  • Track voltage: Unspecified, assumed to work on all standard track voltages
  • Motor max continuous current: 1.5A
  • Motor peak current (~20 sec): Unspecified in manual
  • Functions max total current: Each output may draw up to 250mA
  • 6 amplified function outputs on wires, 4 amplified function outputs on solder pads (10 total)
  • 4 logic level outputs (functions/servos/SUSI)
  • 1 switch input
  • Keep alive capacitor connection pads
  • Shunting mode
  • Support for automatic uncoupling
  • Addresses 1-10239
  • Lighting effects: flashing, dimming, soft start, American lighting effects, etc.
  • Advanced momentum features
  • 12 sound channels with simultaneous playback
  • 8 random sound generators
  • Railcom
  • Operable on DC and AC

View on the ESU website:


ESU LokSound 5 DCC 21 pin Diagram

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Sound Choice

Blank, ESU file (make note at checkout of which file to be loaded), BMT file

ESU 15x11 Speaker + Enclosure

Yes, No


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