Steam Locomotive Wiring Kit


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The steam locomotive wiring kit is a compact 9-wire connector and harness assembly for use with decoders, typically hardwire decoders. It is designed to simplify the wiring connection between a steam locomotive and its tender. The 9 solder pads correspond to the 9 wires of the harness, these can be used for connection to motor, lights, speaker, or track pickups etc. The center hole accommodates a 3mm screw.

The wiring harness provides a simple quick-disconnect to make it easier to separate the tender from the locomotive for painting, storage or service.

Due to the size of the harness and circuit board it is recommended to use this wiring kit for HO/OO or larger scale locomotives.


  • Circuit board dimensions: 17.5 x 23mm
  • Wire length: 150mm


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