Zimo MiniGold 300,000uF 2.7V Capacitors


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Zimo MiniGold 300,000uF 2.7V capacitors offer a huge amount of energy storage for their small size. Available loose as individual capacitors (300,000uF), and can be joined in series to form stay alive devices with very high energy store capacity. Six are commonly joined in series to form a 16V capacitor with 50,000uF capacitance. They can also be used in conjunction with other Zimo specialist products such as the STACO1 stay alive controller or the MS580N18 sound decoder. These capacitors are best paired with Zimo MS sound decoders, as they can handle unlimited uF of keep alive connected directly to their keep alive wires.

Please note that being a 2.7 capacitor, for normal use with a decoder as a stay alive device they must either be joined in series (solder their legs to each other in one long line) to be able to operate at voltages of up to 16V.

  • 300,000uF 2.7V capacitor
  • 4 x 12mm (diameter x height)
  • Supplied by Zimo in Austria, manufactured by Illinois Capacitor
  • Datasheet available here

Simply connect the common positive + side to the blue wire of your decoder, and the ground to the ground connection pad on your decoder. The ground connection is denoted by the grey stripe and shorter leg. Feel free to get in contact if you require wiring or installation assistance.

*Use at your own risk on layouts operating above 15V, if supplied with current over 16V or if they make contact any with a locomotive mechanism or other power sources these capacitors may overheat rapidly and may destroy themselves melting any surrounding plastic or similar parts.

You may connect your MiniGold capacitors in the suggested ways shown below:






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